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Teeth whitening ads

Why is it that every single website I visit has ads for home teeth whitening ("Invented by a mom at home! Don't waste monet at the dentist!")
1. I don't have yellow teeth.
2. If I did, I think I'd prefer to trust them to the care of my dentist, not some mom at home, than you very much.

Superstars of Heartache

Fanmix reposted.
The links work now.

Mrs Slocombe's Pussy Quotes.

Together at last!
Spent Sunday morning sniggering at these:
Ah, they don't make quality comedies like that anymore.

Just read "Blind Faith" by Ben Elton.  A not-so-futuristic look at the future.  Three and a half stars, recommended.

Had bronchitis for three fucking weeks!!!  Taking second course of useless antibiotics.

Bogged down with the house renovation.

Work is the shits.

Excuses for being lazy:

Hey, I've had a lot on my plate!  Including:
  1. Dealing with demented elderly parent;
  2. Getting above parent housed in an appropriate facility that can deal with elderly, demented, incontinent people;
  3. Emptying out rat-hole/home of demented elderly parent, who, apparently, stopped putting garbage in bin some time ago;
  4. Arranging complete renovation of rat-hole, ongoing;
  5. Death of demented elderly parent;
  6. Arranging funeral for demented elderly parent;
  7. Dealing with death of demented elderly parent; (it was a blessing, to be honest, but it's a death all the same);
  8. Working in a crazy, illogical organisation; ongoing;
  9. Dealing with family & home, ongoing;
  10. Having sick child, catching flu from sick child, ongoing;
And so it goes............

Plus I am lazy and unmotivated.  Haven't written a story in a year, despite plenty of ideas.

Still here, as unmotivated as ever.

Why is it that whenever you think one fire has been put out,  there's a whole lot more that have ignited while your attention was elsewhere?

Long time between posts.

Study, work and life to blame, as usual.
I've actually been writing a lot, just not here.
Hard to believe that in a few short months my course will finally be finished.  Can't wait.

Fanmix, h/d

H/D Fanmix

Do a Little Dance 
Make a Little Love
Get Down Tonight

A Harry/Draco Fanmix


This mix is to accompany the good old nightclubbing fic (and there’s quite a few out there) where Harry semi-reluctantly goes to a club (Gay/Muggle/Wizard, take your pick) and bumps into our favourite blond wizard. Snarking leads to dancing, which leads to… you can guess the rest! Angsty or happy ending? Your choice.

This is the music they would do all of the above to. Enjoy!

Fan art (such as it is) below, I’m no graphic artist!  I don't have photoshop at the moment, so it's a Publisher doc, it will print out but that's about it.  I'll try to do a better one soon, then I'll update.


 The songs:

Get Down Tonight: KC and the Sunshine Band
Baby, babe, let's get together.
Honey, hon, me and you.
And do the things, ah, do the things
That we like to do.
Do a little dance, make a little love,
Get down tonight.

It’s Raining Men: The Weathergirls
Humidity is rising - Barometer's getting low
According to all sources, the street's the place to go
Cause tonight for the first time
Just about half-past ten
For the first time in history
It's gonna start raining men. 

Dare me: Junior Jack
Baby make your move
Baby make your move, step across the line
Touch me one more time, come on dare me


My Beautiful Friend:  The Charlatans
My beautiful friend
I will pay attention don’t say this is the end
I find it hard to describe you
To point and discover you
Could I tell you once again

Dance With Me: Ben Westbeech
Dance with me
Dance with me
Dance with me
Dance with me


I want Your Soul: Armand Van Helden
I want your, Oh I want your Soul…
Do you want it right now ?
Oh I cant let it go…

Feel Together: Ben Macklin Feat. Tiger Lily
Yeah yeah
You go to take all the living
We got to give what we're given
'Cause we're living a lie

I've Been Thinking About You: London Beat
We must have been stone crazy
when we thought we were just friends
'Cause I miss you, baby
And I've got those feelings again
I guess I'm all confused about you

Don't Stop The Rock: The Chemical Brothers
Get up on it
Get up on it like this

Ride It (Hex Hector 12" Mix): Geri Halliwell
Wanna make some music
To take me in and out of my head
Get into my groove
In time with my body instead

Break For Love: Pet Shop Boys
Break... for love
Break... for love

Do Ya (Feel The Love): Love Inc.
I’m not a saint but stand accused
You’re with someone who thinks love’s the same as being used
Now suspicious minds might say it’s over it’s over
Whether I live or die, you’re my saviour, you’re my saviour

Too Long: Daft Punk
Too long, can you feel it, too long, oh can you feel it
Too long, can you feel it, too long, oh can you feel it

Should I Stay or Should I Go: The Clash
Darling you gotta let me know
Should I stay or should I go?
If you say that you are mine
Ill be here til the end of time
So you got to let know
Should I stay or should I go?

As Hard As It Is: Fine Young Cannibals
Life's been quiet since you've been gone
It's no fun burning for one
I was happy before you came
Now you've gone, it's just not the same

News Item of the Day:

Well, where else would one harrass Cher?

Has the Colonel had work done?


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